“Shivali on stage is pure beauty. When she sings, her voice is filled with such moving devotion that you feel completely absorbed in the experience. Shivali is not just a singer, she is a personality, a presence, that you won’t forget. In this age where spirituality lingers Shivali is a prodigy and a much needed ray of light”.

Shivali was born and brought up in the City of London where despite having a western upbringing she was familiar with shlokas and mantras at the tender age of 3. She went onto graduate in Economics and Philosophy and thereafter embarked on an investment banking career as a summer analyst at Goldman Sachs. Being a passionate writer she has written for the Financial Times, the Orange County Register and other prominent newspapers and publications.

At the age of 22 Shivali was signed by record label Sony Music BMG and was commended for being innovative in creating a niche market of modern contemporary bhajans (devotional music). Shivali first became actively involved in music with her producer Arjun Coomaraswamy at the age of 15. Both together created what would then become “The Bhajan Project” which is an array of devotional songs coupled with a fresh modern sound compromising of guitar, cello, tabla, western drum kit, strings and sitar. Shivali deeply desired to bring bhajans to the fore front of society and achieved this by modernizing them, however retaining their soulful nature. The Bhajan Project was nominated for two Global Indian Music awards, best debut and best fusion album.

Shivali then went onto release Urban Temple by Eros Music in 2012, just two years after the Bhajan Project. Shivali and Arjun, the dynamic duo, truly challenged themselves with this album by pushing the boundaries and experimenting with sound. This album went on to reach number 1 on the iTunes world chart. The press have often referred to Shivali as the ‘devotional diva’, and has been featured across newspapers in India (Times of India, Baroda Times, DNA Mumbai, The Mumbai Mirror, The Bombay Times, to name but a few )and Asian papers and magazines in the UK and US. The young star has also assisted the BBC radio in providing insight into Hindu festivals and was featured in the BBC3 documentary on the Kumbh Mela. For more details please click ‘into the spotlight’
The young singer is also a kathak dancer, studying under Abhay Shankar Mishra at the Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, a competitive Latin dancer and received distinction in all ballet grades 1-8. She also has a diploma in acting from the New York Film Academy and is involved in community theatre.

Shivali is currently working on her first English album which she wrote herself and is also produced by Arjun. The album is what she describes as an ‘exploration of myself and my existence, a chance to really express my views in my first language and also sing about the things that I feel are meaningful like our purpose in the world, our relationship with consciousness and also the narrow mindedness and prejudices of society. I can’t say it is a pure rnb album, or pop rock, or acoustic, because it has elements of every kind of sound a person is looking for. It is true to my personality, I’m wacky and wild and so is my album and I feel it has something for everyone. It is an album of who I am and who I strive to be.’ The album is set to release this summer, 2014, in association with MatchBox Records.

At her core she remains a performer, ever eager to take her audience to the deepest corners of their souls. She has performed across UK, Europe and India and is remembered fondly for her charm, humour and beautiful personality.

“Shivali will capture you with her voice but she will keep you with her words, this young lady is an incredible public speaker who’s voice has the sweetness of an innocent child but who’s lessons both reveal and portray an aged and learned soul”